Quality over quantity!

At Crow & Chemist we believe in one mantra which holds true for everything we do – “quality over quantity every single time.”   After almost a year of precise research and development, the line is finally launching.   We are proud and happy to share its debut with you! 

At Crow & Chemist you know you are choosing a superior quality product each time you purchase.  Evidence of this is the consistency we at C&C insist on providing for you.  Since each batch  meets strict and accurate scientific standards, no batch will vary from the previous.

Who we are...

CROW- After years of smoking, vaping was the outlet that finally allowed him to give up cigarettes.  Vaping instantly became his passion in every aspect of the industry.  He has specialized in mod design and has built countless builds over the years while always keeping up on current gear.  Even with all this, he was never satisfied with the juice flavors the market had to offer.  So he set off to make something better. Being a serial entrepreneur and savvy businessman he had the idea to launch this line with a best friend who just happened to also be a chemist!

CHEMIST- with over 10 years in the chemical industry and the past 5 years working strictly in formulation, he brings a professionalism with an uncompromisable degree of quality.  He has worked on projects and developed products for NASA, DOE, NIH, and the likes where there is no variance for quality skill and technique.  It is this skill that he applies in the development of every juice produced.

Every batch of juice is personally hand crafted by the Chemist in a clean room of his own design.  Only the highest quality ingredients are used.

-We only use certified USP grade VG (greater than 99.7% pure) and PG (greater than 99.8% pure). 

-We only use ultra pure NicSelect nicotine which specs in greater than USP standards. This small increase in purity drastically increases taste leading to an overall smoother, cleaner vape. Nicotine is added with precision from pure 100% nicotine, not previously diluted. 

-Every batch of juice is professionally analyzed and adjusted to meet the exact nicotine concentrations  

-We do not add additives, food colorings, caffeine, vitamins, or anything that could potentially be remotely toxic.

-All flavors are of coarse Diacetyl, Acetoin, Acetyl Propionyl Free