At Crow and Chemist we strive to provide the vape-fam with a delicious line of e-juices that sets a staple for quality and perfection.  We hold only to highest standards of manufacturing to produce a consistent, accurately formulated product you can trust in.   Every aspect in our development process serves a purpose in order to deliver the highest quality product to the vaping community.

Every batch of juice is personally hand crafted by the Chemist in a clean room of his own design.  Only the highest quality ingredients are used.

-We only use certified USP grade VG (greater than 99.7% pure) and PG (greater than 99.8% pure).  

-We only use ultra pure NicSelect nicotine which specs in greater than USP standards. This small increase in purity drastically increases taste leading to an overall smoother, cleaner vape. Nicotine is added with precision from pure 100% nicotine, not previously diluted. 

-Every batch of juice is professionally analyzed and adjusted to meet the exact nicotine concentrations  

-We do not add additives, food colorings, caffeine, vitamins, or anything that could potentially be remotely toxic.

-All flavors are of coarse Diacetyl, Acetoin, and Acetyl Propionyl Free

Every wonder why the majority of beer companies use AMBER GLASS to bottle their beer?  This serves a purpose.

AMBER BOTTLES help to block out harmful light from spoiling/changing the product within.  These bottles aid in the preservation of flavor.   Light can cause reactions to occur that normally would not which could drastically affect flavor.  This is why you may have heard it is best to store your e-juices in a cool, dark place. Have you ever had a skunky beer?  The skunky taste is a direct result of light forcing a chemical reaction between two of the compounds in beer.  To avoid this from occuring beer is primarily bottled in AMBER bottles or aluminum cans.  In order to avoid the possibility of flavor being destroyed in our our e-juice we chose to go with AMBER BOTTLES.  So protect your e-juice and only buy from companies who package in bottles that help to block out light.

Save your juice, avoid any that come in a plastic bottle!!! E-juice should always be stored in glass bottles.

Plastic is the worst way to store or package any e-juice.  Glass should always only be used.  We all have heard of some juices cracking tanks.  This happens because the compounds in the flavoring break the bonds of the plastic polymer essentially dissolving the plastic.  The plastic then has to go somewhere and that place is in your e-juice.  Maybe you have heard that you should not keep plastic water bottles in your car.  The heat of the car has shown to can cause plastic from the bottle to leach into the water.  In e-juice the potential for leaching is much greater due to the functionality of the chemical structures in the juice.  Whether is does or does not we wanted to avoid any possibility that this could occur.  Due to this we decided to use GLASS bottles to package our juices.  

Plastic containers also freely allow gases to permeate into your e-juice.  This can result in over oxidation of the nicotine and flavorings in the juice.  This can drastically change the taste of your juice over time. We wanted to insure that the taste is retained in our flavors so we chose to go with GLASS bottles.  They block ambient gases from reaching our juice. 

Is your juice bright green or blue? BEWARE! Additives can be highly toxic.

While many additives are safe for consumption, their effects when inhaled are unknown and can be highly toxic. A perfect example of this is diactyl which we all know is highly toxic to inhale but perfectly safe as a food additive.  Many of the common food colorings are known to be carcinogenic at high concentrations even when ingested.  While they are generally recognized as safe for use in food due to the process of metabolism and the acids in your stomach, there is no protection against this when inhaled.  The effects of vaping food colors is still unknown, but the risk potential is rather high. Why take a risk? Avoid any e-juice that is brightly colored.

Any other juices with additives such as caffeine, vitamins or minerals should be avoided.  For one they do not actually deliver the additive into your body through vaping.  The melting point of these compounds is so high that they cannot be turned into vapor at the temperatures of the mods. Instead of vaping they will just build up and burn on the coils.  This can change the chemical structure of these compounds into something that is potentially toxic.  Again, why take a risk? Avoid these e-juices.

If there is no in-house analysis performed how do you know what the nicotine level actually is?

Every manufacturer should be performing in-house analysis of their e-juice.  If they are not how do they know if the nicotine level is exactly what they say.  I dont know how many juices we have tried that say it is a 6 mg but really tastes like a 3 mg or the other direction tasting much stronger.  This comes down to poor technique and no analysis with adjustment prior to bottling.  A quick in-house test of nicotine content by titration should be done on every batch of juice produced.  EVERY BATCH WE MIX IS TITRATED BY THE CHEMIST AND ADJUSTED ACCORDINGLY SO YOU CAN INSURE THE NICOTINE LEVEL YOU PURCHASE IS EXACTLY WHAT IS SAYS ON THE BOTTLE. 

The only proper way to mix e-juice is by weight.

The majority of companies out there mix their e-juice by volume.  This is improper.  Even with using graduated chemical glass ware and pipets the accuracy can vary quite drastically.  The instrumentation and user error using this technique is huge.  This can lead to big variances in flavor from batch to batch and more importantly inaccurate nicotine concentrations.  The proper way to formulate is by weight percent.  This technique is the only way products are formulated in the chemical industry.  It is the only way to be sure the exact amount added to a mix.  At Crow and Chemist every batch is weighed out to the nearest hundredth of a gram to insure the highest degree of accuracy and consistency in our batches. 

Organic is not always better! Especially when it comes to vaping and e-juice.

Contrary to popular belief, organic is not always a better, healthier option.  Especially when it comes to e-juice.  The process of extraction from organic sources is less pure than that of natural and artificially produced compounds.  The reason is that in the organic extraction process biological molecules are carried into the finished product.  Whereas in the production of synthetic natural and artificial compounds these impurities can be controlled.  While organic ingredients are perfectly safe for use in food products where the stomach acid kills these biological molecules, this does not happen when vaped.  Using organic ingredients in e-juice means that YOU WILL BE VAPING BIOLOGICAL MOLECULES THAT CAN TURN TOXIC ON THE COIL.  The effects of this are unknown at this point.  In order to eliminate any possibility that there could be long term lasting effects associated with the toxins produced by biological impurities we chose to avoid organic ingredients in our e-juices. Additionally, organic flavorings have a much shorter shelf life in which biological impurities can continue to grow even when stored correctly.